Tuesday, September 18, 2007

40 Days Group Testimonials, Week 1

Glenn and Angie Pleasant group
We had a great first meeting! There were some new faces and we spent a little while just chatting and introducing ourselves. What a great group of women! We are excited about the opportunities to "practice" loving those around us! There was great discussion and sharing. I am excited to see what God has in store for us over the next 40 days!

Ron and Florence Roughton group
Things went well, we had a lot of laughs and people were slow to leave after 2 hours. Already shared some very personal and confidential matters. I am however aware that we can't legislate "love." If this 40 days is to be successful in our church it will have to come as we yield supernaturally to the Holy Spirit.

Ben and Wendy Ramsay group
We met this week and though we are a small group, it was great. We enjoyed the video and had some very good sharing time. We are excited about what the next few weeks will bring and are feeling challenged by our assignments! We look forward to what the Lord will do in our group.

Carter and Joan Mebane group
Just wanted to touch base & say what a wonderful start we had in our group for the "40 Days"! We had a wonderful mix of age groups and male/female. The group seems to be bonding very well at this early point. It was a joy to see folks visit. They enjoyed the DVD and we had a lively conversation afterwards. Almost everyone in one way or another indicated that the reason they had signed up was for community....The Lord is certainly in this and has already begun answering our prayers. Let's commit to pray for God's hand of protection and His love as we progress on this journey together...I think there are signs of a revival at MGP. Thank you Lord!! To His Name be all glory!!

Jim and Susan Kachur group
We had a great meeting last night. We spent quite a bit of time getting to know each other, I shared my testimony (the short version) and we even had time to get in to the lesson. I will be e-mailing our group regularly during the 40-days with updates and prayer requests...

Dick and Linda Crafts group
We had 17 at the group Sunday evening and it went very well. We split into two groups for the discussion time and came back together for prayer/worship time. Worked very well.

Ernie and Nida Langston group
The meeting went well and smoothly. We had refreshments and introduced the new folks. We had a couple of worship songs and opening prayer inviting the Holy Spirit to have His will and reign. We covered the material (workbook & DVD). We ended with a wonderful time of prayer. Most of the folks lingered and talked and indicated they were glad they came.

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