Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November Community Objectives

Small Groups objectives:

1. Recruit and train new small group leaders

  • Develop a training meeting for new group leaders and set date for first training by Nov 30

2. Start new small groups:

  • Develop a “connecting” event to connect those not yet in groups with a group leader and set the date for the first event in Nov
  • Develop a 6-8 week “trial group” format and set a date for the first event in Nov
  • Recruit and train leaders and start group for Young Couples group (25-35) in Nov

3. Develop an effective coaching structure

  • Contact potential new coaches by Nov 15
  • Develop a training meeting for new coaches by Nov 15
  • Develop an ongoing coaches meeting plan by Nov 30
  • Recruit coaches for every small group in the church by Dec 31

4. Develop a small groups leadership team with specific functions

  • List specific functions and write job descriptions for each function by Nov 15
  • Recruit individuals to each position by Nov 30
  • Set date for first and subsequent meetings of team by Nov 30

5. 100% participation in groups or classes by members and regular attenders

  • Publish and update info on available groups through Fall Groups and Classes Booklet
    § Continue to update and publish booklet as needed in Nov
    § Prepare for Spring booklet in Dec/Jan
    o Publish and update info on available groups through MG Web-site
    § Train remaining group leaders by Dec 31

6. Ongoing leadership development

  • Visit small groups
    § Visit 2-3 groups in November
  • Communicate with group leaders via one-on-one meetings and phone calls
    § Call 12 leaders in Nov
    § Meet with 2-3 leaders in Nov
  • Hold quarterly small group leaders training gatherings
    § Set date for Spring gathering in early January by Nov 30
  • Send training materials to group leaders via email
    § Send out two more timely articles in Nov

7. Encourage local outreach among small groups and the church at large

  • Promote Angel Food opportunity in Nov
  • Promote WARM opportunity in Nov
  • Evaluate Prayer Evangelism study and discuss with small group leaders next steps to reach every neighborhood in Wilmington with the gospel

Adult Discipleship objectives:

1. Continue Adult Discipleship classes during Spring Semester ‘09

  • Confirm Spring list of teachers/classes with director by Nov 30
  • Publish list of classes to congregation in December

Assimilation objectives:

1. Improve the assimilation process to move first time visitors, to second time visitors, to regular attenders

  • Next steps to be completed by end of Dec:
    o Recruit and train an assimilation team of volunteers
    o Develop response team follow-up checklists
    o Develop 36-hour email response for first and second time visitors
    o Develop first-time and second-time visitors online survey
    o Develop one-month follow up letter for first and second time visitors
    o Improve signage inside and outside building to help visitors find children’s, youth and adult discipleship areas, gym, school, fellowship hall, etc. (contact BFPC)
    o Move welcome table in vestibule out from the wall
    o Offer selected books instead of mugs as gifts to first time visitors at welcome table

2. Improve assimilation process to move people from being regular attenders to becoming fully developing members

  • Next steps to be completed by May ’09 (this is the overview, detailed plans to follow):
    o Teach regularly on the following subjects: 1) “You Need Healthy Relationships” (Eccl 4.9-10); 2) “You Need a Place Where You Can Use Your Gifts” (1Tim 4.14); 3) “You Need a Place Where You Can Grow” (Acts 2.42); 4) “You Need to Belong to Something Bigger Than Yourself” (Rom 12.4-5; Heb 10.25).
    o Encourage relationships in regular attenders by encouraging them to participate in classes, small groups and fun events
    o Encourage responsibility in regular attenders by providing service opportunities for them: greeter, refreshments, usher, FLC events
    o Encourage attending new member class through regular sign-ups on Connection Card
    o Consider and discuss other alternatives to current New Member Class format per suggestions


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