Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Langston Group Projects

Project 1 (Cape Fear Community College): Helped Campus Crusade at Cape Fear Community College pass out Bibles, cd’s, survival kit.

Project 2 (The Mercy Center): One member wrote: It was such a blessing to all that ministered to these homeless folks last night. Our small group met at the First Fruits Ministry Center and helped to load the food van. We carpooled with a couple of men from the Center and delivered meals and blankets to the homeless and men at The Mercy Center outside. We also passed out salvation tracts and talked to them about Jesus.

Another member wrote: We were all blessed by this opporturnity to serve. One neat thing that happened: One man came up to the van after all the blankets that we had were already given away. He was dressed in shorts and a T-shirt and asked for a blanket (it was in the 40's last night). One of our members took off her coat and gave it to the man. When I walked up she was holding his hand and sharing her faith. The man looked at me and with amazement said "she took off her coat and gave it to me!! Can you believe it?" I said -yes I can. This is what Jesus would do. This was at the end of the night - What a blessing to end with this scene to always carry in my heart!

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